What Are the Different Types of Braces Available?

Braces work miracles for people with crooked or uneven teeth. They have the power to give shy clients the most confident smiles and socially awkward people the interaction they long for. Because a beautiful smile makes us feel more outgoing and willing to connect with others.

No matter your age, if you are considering getting braces you’re probably wondering what your options are today. In the past, metal bands surrounding each tooth and connected by wires were the only solution offered. And it’s true, even modern versions still use a form of brackets and wires to achieve their goal. But the range of choices today may surprise you.

The 3 Most Common Types of Braces

Here are the most commonly used form of braces for straightening teeth and correcting bites:

  •       Metal – Yes, a form of the old-fashioned metal braces is still in use today, but with metal posts on the front of each tooth instead of bands surrounding them. The amount of discomfort associated with vintage metal bands is something of the past. By attaching the bands only to the front of the tooth, patients are spared this soreness.
  •       Lingual – This type of braces resembles the metal ones and is comprised of the same materials, but they are attached to the underside of teeth, effectively hiding them from plain sight. Adult patients tend to like this option, especially if they have a job where they meet clients or speak in front of groups.
  •       Clear – These are quickly becoming the most popular form of braces. They are crafted from ceramic and are very inconspicuous. Both the brackets and the wires are clear. Dentists often recommend this option for patients who don’t want attention drawn to their mouths.
  •       Invisalign – This new form of braces can be used on patients who need minor adjustments in bite or tooth position. A casting is taken of the patient’s teeth. The dentist then creates a clear correcting device for the patient to wear. Patients requiring moderate to major changes can also choose this option, as Invisalign has proven to be effective for even the most difficult realignments.


Learn More About the Types of Braces Now Available

If you’re considering braces for better tooth alignment or bite, contact the dental professionals at Mountain Town Dental today. We’ll give you a thorough examination to determine which braces option is best for you.

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