What Does It Mean When Your Jaw Constantly Hurts

Nearly every person experiences jaw pain at some time in their lives. The causes range from simple to possibly life-altering. If you are experiencing jaw pain that is increasingly intense and consistent, here are the most common causes:

  • Stress – High levels of stress can mean you tense your jaw a lot without evening noticing that you’re doing it. Many people also grind their teeth at night and clench their jaws tightly while they sleep. This can lead to constant jaw pain. Mouth guards crafted by a dental professional can give you relief from nighttime jaw clenching.
  • Sinus Issues – Anyone with debilitating sinus episodes knows that it can sometimes begin in the jaw. If you have jaw pain along with dizziness, pressure in your frontal lobe, and nasal drip, it is most likely a sinus flare-up.
  • Migraines – This severe type of headache is known for also causing extreme jaw pain. If your jaw pain relents after your migraine goes away, then it is likely the cause.
  • Dental Issues – Common causes of jaw pain are infected teeth or gums around a back tooth, a cracked or broken tooth, or advanced gum disease. If your jaw pain steadily increases make an appointment with your dental professional immediately.
  • Misaligned Jaw Joint – This condition also referred to as TMJ is one of the common culprits of jaw pain. A misaligned bite and jaw bone can cause pain while eating or opening the mouth wide, difficulty opening the mouth, clicking sounds, and even pain in your ears. This condition requires assistance from an orthopedic professional to correct your jaw alignment.

Get Help for Jaw Pain Today

If you have ruled out sinuses or migraines as the cause of your jaw pain, you need a professional dental assessment to get relief. Contact the team at Mountain Town Dental today and learn how we can help.

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