What Does a Periodontal Treatment Include?

Did you know that nearly half of American adults over the age of 30 have or are at risk of developing periodontal disease? Sadly, it’s true. This affliction can creep up on you slowly due to less than rigorous oral habits like brushing and flossing, excessive smoking or alcohol consumption, health issues, or genetics.

Once periodontal disease has set in it’s more difficult to treat and can sometimes be non-reversible depending on the stage of development. But there are preventative treatments available to you that could stave off any risk of this gum-destroying disease.

Periodontal Treatments – What Are They?

Your dental professional is specifically trained to treat and prevent infections in the periodontium and oral cavity. The treatment aims at correcting any damaging conditions in the gums and restoring them to good health.

Here’s how the treatment works:

·        Diagnostic – A series of tests will be conducted to determine whether or not you have periodontal disease and if so, at what stage you are in. This diagnosis will determine your specific treatment. The recommendations can vary from lifestyle changes to medications or surgery.

·        Treatment – The list of possible treatments for mild cases includes mouthwash, over-the-counter antibiotics, professional cleaning, or scaling and root planning of the gums. For more severe cases there may be a need for tooth extraction, gum grafting, or even bone grafting.

Learn More About Preventative & Corrective Periodontal Treatments

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