Your Emergency Dental Care Partner in West Jefferson, NC

Even though West Jefferson, NC offers the best living experiences, you can still have dental emergencies when living here. This is why we try to offer the best solution in such situations. Emergency dental issues are not only painful but can also be very costly especially if left unattended. The level of discomfort such issues cause can also make life unbearable, which is why we recommend that you seek urgent medical assistance as soon as the need arises. 

Since you may encounter emergency situations at any time, we make time to accommodate you even after normal operating hours. With our emergency dentist, you will experience instant relief regardless of the kind of care you need even if it is cosmetic services. We also care about your long-term health which is why we provide a dental hygienist to give you tips that you can implement in your daily routine to improve your dental health. 

Our family dentist is also readily available to provide dental care for all your family members. Our areas of expertise involve:

  • Invisalign
  • Same-day crowns
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants

Causes of dental emergencies

Although it is impossible to predict when an emergency may arise, we recommend that you remain cautious at all times to improve your safety. However, if you have a broken jaw or teeth as a result of an accident, you can contact us. You can also reach out if you had your permanent teeth knocked out or if you have a foreign object stuck in your teeth. We also recommend that you come to our West Jefferson clinic for emergency treatment if you have severe persistent pain in your tooth, teeth, or jaw. 

Mountain Town Dental  tries to make our procedures as painless as possible by providing sedation dentistry as well as a friendly atmosphere to enhance your comfort. Our pediatric dentist together with the rest of our staff are here for all your needs. Contact us today even if you have care credit.

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