The Truth About DIY Teeth Whitening: 3 Surprising Facts You Need to Know


If you’ve smiled in the mirror lately and been dissatisfied with the whiteness of your teeth, you’re not alone. Millions of people buy DIY teeth whitening products every year, hoping to bypass the dentist. But before you attempt to whiten your teeth at home, read these facts about at-home whitening:

Stains Can Be Stubborn

While some newer surface enamel stains can disappear with DIY products, older stains will not. Stains caused by smoking, that daily Starbucks, or red wine will respond to OTC products but those caused by aging, medication, or trauma won’t budge. For these, you need the help of a dental professional.

Sensitivity is Normal, Major Discomfort Isn’t

If you have sensitive gums, at-home whitening products may sting or burn the gums. It should subside fairly quickly. However, if you experience pain or prolonged sensitivity, you might have gum damage. Contact your dental professional for help.

Overuse of DIY Whitening Can Be Harmful

Used in moderation, DIY whitening products can yield improvement for many people. But excessive use of any bleach on tooth enamel can weaken or damage it, possibly causing long-term problems. Follow the directions precisely or contact your dentist for a professional whitening to avoid any future issues.

Learn More About Effective Teeth Whitening

If you’d like white teeth but have sensitive gums, older stains, or fear of enamel damage, contact the knowledgeable team at Mountain Town Dental today. We’ll create a customized solution that will give you back your brilliant smile!

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