Gum Reshaping with Dental Laser Therapy

What makes a great smile? Most people would say good teeth and a warm personality. But aesthetically speaking, the gums also play a major role in forming a great smile.

If you have enlarged gums that partially hide teeth or small gums that expose too much of the tooth you may not like the way your smile looks. It may be robbing you of your confidence, too.

Laser dentistry has enabled a solution for this. Gum reshaping or gum contouring is the latest cosmetic treatment available to those who want a more beautiful smile. Laser dentistry makes it a safe and effective option with no downtime post-treatment.

Gum Reshaping Techniques

This procedure, sometimes referred to as gingival sculpting, is laser dental surgery that either removes excess gum tissue or adds gum tissue depending on each patient.

If the gums descend too low the surgeon will trim away some of the gum tissue. If gums are receding too far the surgeon will remove a small piece from the upper palate and reattach it where needed with the laser.

Other Available Treatments

  •       Gum disease treatment – the laser can be used as a deep-cleaning tool beneath the gum where bacteria hides and grows.
  •       Gingival hyperplasia – this painful condition stems from an overgrowth of the gums.
  •       Ridge augmentation – After tooth extractions sometimes the remaining teeth can drift. A laser technique can fill in the sunken area with harvested gum tissue to prevent further deterioration of the bone.

Gum Reshaping can be used for both cosmetic and health treatments. For more information on how gum reshaping may benefit you, please contact us today.

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