Benefits of Laser Therapy in Dental Treatments

Lasers have been used in modern dentistry for a few decades now. But new advancements in technology have made them easier to use and more widely available for dental professionals.

There are many benefits for patients with laser therapies. Here are just a few:

  •       Faster healing
  •       Less bleeding post-surgery
  •       Minimizes pain
  •       Less need for anesthesia treatment
  •       Minimizes risk of infection
  •       Less peripheral damage to healthy tissue
  •       Less use of stitches

Modern laser dentistry can be used in two care categories, hard tissue application, and soft tissue application. Here’s what laser dentistry improves in each category:

  Hard Tissue: Lasers can be used to cut through dental enamel and bone much more precisely than saws or knives. It makes crown preparation and reshaping teeth much less traumatic for both the tooth and the patient.

  Soft Tissue:  Lasers provide better closing of surgical incisions and cauterize at the same time. This minimizes bleeding while at the same time enabling faster healing. There is also less pain with laser dentistry than with traditional dental surgery. In addition to these benefits, lasers can be used to treat severe cold sores, soft tissue abnormalities, benign cysts, and much more. They can even provide relief for sufferers of sleep apnea by removing tissue in relevant areas.

Some patients may be wary of having a laser inside their mouth. Your dental professional can show video and illustrations to relieve any apprehensions related to laser dentistry. We believe the benefits for all patients far outweigh any reason to fear.

Your expertly trained dental professional has the answers you need concerning laser dental treatment. Contact our offices today for more information or to find out how laser dentistry can benefit you.

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